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Dry Type Transformers - Cast Resin Transformers :


Features :

    1. Core

      The core is made of grain-oriented cold-rolled silicon steel sheet cut for step-lapping and laminated in the step-lap core lamination line from Georg Co. in Germany. In this way, the distribution of magnetic lines is improved and flux density in the step-lap joint is reduced. Owing to excellent equipment, quality silicon steel sheets and advanced technology, no-load performance of the core is greatly improved. Compared with traditional cores, no-load losses, no-load current and noise level have been reduced by 5%-6%, 20%-30% and 6% respectively.

    2. Windings

      The windings are made of cast-resin high voltage windings. The HV winding is made in section-layer form, and LV winding is foil construction. Winding assembly is cast in the vacuum resin casting machine from Hedrich Co. in Germany. The resin materials are provided by CIBA-GEIGY Co. in Switzerland. The advanced technologies ensure minimum partial discharge and high ability of withstand short-circuit.

      HV winding tapping range: +/-5% & ± 2% on-load regulation.

      Temperature control device: Its functions are as follows: fault alarm, over temperature alarm and tripping, three-phase scanning, start and stop of air ventilation. It also can be equipped with computer remote interface.

      Cooling device: Axial fans are of low noise, even blast and easy installation. Forced cooling can enhance the capacity of transformers.

Technical Specification :

    • Voltage class: 11kV, 33kV
    • Power Capacity: 3-20,000kVA
    • Type of cooling: AN or AF
    • Enclosure / Guard class: IP00, IP20, IP23
    • Thermo-tolerance class of insulation: F
    • Insulation level:
      • for 10kV class: LI75AC35;
      • for 33kV class: LI170AC70
    • Off circuit tap links
    • On Load Tap Changer
    • Winding Sensors with Scanner


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